My pet hate of being late!

Today was my first day in which I’ve returned to teaching. My long holiday is officially over. And it certainly made me remember this awful fact this morning!

In my old campus, they have asked if they could add two more classes to my schedule. I’ve had these kids before so I know what they are like. They have assured me that they would arrange a company bus driver to pick me up in the morning. They told me they would arrange it so I wouldn’t have to travel 1 hour to the campus, instead it would only take 30 minutes. I used to have a class at 12:30pm. Now I have one at 11:15am. Being me, I like to be super early to work. I hate rushing. I absolutely hate it. Plus, I haven’t had these kids in a few months so I have no idea what they have been doing. I needed to do some preparation!

So I wait outside my complex at 10:15am… no bus. “It’s ok” I think. “I still have plenty of time to get myself sorted”. 10:25am. Getting a bit worried now. The bus comes at 10:27am. I hop in. Theres a Chinese girl with me. I ask her was she going to my campus in which she said she was going to another one. So we sit anyway. The traffic is pretty bad. I start getting nervous.

25minutes pass on the bus, we are quite close at this stage, but the traffic is fierce. I keep checking my map on my phone to see where we are. My campus area was coming up.

11:00am. Fine, I have 15 minutes. I should get most of my preparation done. . . .

But then, I see he keeps continuing straight ahead! At this stage I didn’t know what to think. Did he get lost?.. No, I thought. He’s just dropping this girl to her campus, it wont be far. . . .

Another 10 minutes! By this stage I text my campus manager and said “I’m going to be late, we are at Happy Valley”. . This place was way north of where I was supposed to be!

11:10am. I’m definitely going to be late. No time for prep, not sure where the kids folder is, don’t know where they put my box of pencils/ markers/scissors.

11:15am. The Chinese girl has arrived at her destination. Good for her! However I’m getting calls from my campus saying “Hi Aisling, your students parents are here waiting for you. Where are you?”. I don’t know where I am, I just know I’m not where I’m supposed to be. And that I’m late for work.

11:30am. Still haven’t arrived. Traffic is at a standstill, so I cant do nothing except silently fume in the seat.

11:35am. We are close. Very close. I tell the driver to stop, cheerfully saying BYE BYE to me. I however was not in the mood.

11:40am I start teaching. No prep done. No idea what they know. Someone stole stuff from my box. This lateness then affects my other class which was at 12:30pm. I was hoping that my half hour free time between my first and second class would give me time to prepare for my next two classes that are back to back. But no.

Usually I would come to class 45-60 minutes early. I don’t like to rush, I don’t like to be late. I do my prep, and then for the next 20- 25 minutes I can relax, talk with the other teachers, knowing I’m ready for my class.

And this is why I don’t like going on the bus to school. I’m debating whether to use it next Saturday. I know it doesn’t take as long, but I’d rather know in my head that I’ll be early if I go by myself, even if it takes an hour!

My first day back and I’m late. Well, I suppose the good thing was that I made it!

Better late than never!



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