The flooding of Chengdu, every time it rains.

During the month of August, it rains quite a bit more than usual. And with this rain, comes plenty of puddles. Everytime it rains, there are puddles everywhere. And not just small ones, no, these could carry on 6 or 7 feet in length. You do see drains, but they always seem to be located in the wrong place. You see a drain, and about 3 feet away is a huge puddle of water! On the whole, Chengdu is a flat place, so water naturally lies where is falls. So a lot of water builds up!

About 2 weeks ago, there was very bad weather. I’ve never seen it that bad before. The wind was wild and the ground was  a swimming pool. I was surprised to hear after that there was actually a storm somewhere in Sichuan, so I think we got hit a little with it. Rafa was supposed to go to work, but he cancelled; the weather was too bad, plus riding on his e-bike would have been a disaster. I’m pretty sure the flooding was terrible in some parts. Also, in some places, there are sort of like shiny tiles on the ground. So when these get wet, its incredibly easy to slip on them, walking, but especially on e-bikes.

Rain makes us not want to venture outside; but for work is has to be done. Yesterday after work I got caught out on the rain. Thankfully I took my umbrella, but my shoes were not made for the rain, becoming soaked as I walked outside the campus. With no water draining away, the level easily reached 3cm in some places. By the time I got to the bus, my feet were squelching in my shoes.

The Chinese way to handle the rain; wear flip-flops. Throw a pair of flip-flops on them, and away they go, which is rather sensible.

Yet, although when the weather is bad in Chengdu, usually the next day is a great day; the sun is shining and the sky is actually blue! The rain seems to clear the sky of pollution. Even the level dramatically drops to a healthy level. Our lungs can get a respite from the pollution for once!

So theres actually a small silver-lining to the bad weather after all!



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