Settling in and Health Scares.

SoI’ve finally gotten into my routine again with Uni. I’ve been looking forward to this since holidays, plus looking forward to actually learning new things too. At the moment nothing exciting has been happening at all. Unfortunately I received some bad news health wise. ( I may or may not divulge the details) so that has been playing on my mind recently. I may have to return to Ireland in a few months time to get it sorted out. I checked with a foreign clinic here in Chengdu and they were charging me about 1000euro!! No thank you! First of all, I don’t have that money right now, second of all, I’m literally being ripped off for a 10 minute procedure.

We got in contact with my doctor at home and he said I can get the procedure done at home… for FREE! What!?! Nothing is ever for free! But I was assured by my Mum that this is free. I wont say no to visiting home again though. Although I did end up getting worked up about where I can get this done in Chengdu, (before knowing it was free) and asking a Chinese friend to help me. She got in contact with a doctor from here and he said to her that foreigners shouldn’t go to a Chinese hospital; they are noisy, are not private and the doctors don’t really care about the patients. So that kind of made my mind up with that.

But thankfully with this new news about being able to get it done at home, it has relieved me quite a lot!

However, for any foreigners living in China, and if you are sick… I recommend you search for places to get checked out. My doctor said that the quote from this private company in Chengdu was far too expensive. Thats the bad thing being sick in China. They can charge ridiculous fees to expats because they know it’s much easier to come to them; English speaking doctors. They know you wont want to go to a Chinese hospital. So just be very careful.

But apart from that, everything is going ok, I guess. My teaching is going not as well. One student on a Friday had a big tantrum because I wanted to review a unit with her. I promised her to only review for one minute and then move on, but she wasn’t having any of it; shouting and me and then crying. And she’s 10! So I had to call my PA and get her to talk to her.

The thing is, all she wants to do is play games. Thats it. Of course I can play games with her, but trying to incorporate the English I’m teaching is another story. She only wants to do her own thing.

After the PA talked her she told me ‘I am VERY angry’. I replied ‘Why are you angry?’ Of course I knew it was because of me, I asked her ‘Who are you angry with? Zoe?’ She replied ‘No’. I asked her who, and unsurprisingly the answer was me.

After that the class was a disaster, and she didn’t learn anything. I have her again next Friday and if she keeps it up then i’m going to say I’m not teaching her anymore. She is obviously not interested in learning English, she is slowly disliking me, and to be honest, I have no interest in teaching someone who doesn’t want to learn and doesn’t want to be there. She’s used to getting her own way it seems.

At the beginning I was all about ‘oh but I want all my students to like me!’. Now with this girl, it’s getting her to like English, and not me!

My other group on a Friday is also going to change; one of my favourites too. The girl is moving to Singapore, so the boy is going to be with someone else. This boy hardly talks in class, can hardly read, and is only now getting comfortable with me…. after 7 months. Being thrown in with a new student is going to drastically change the atmosphere, and of course the boy, who is very very sensitive.  So we’ll see how that goes.



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