Bad girl turned good.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) my terror of a student from my previous post was well behaved, ok so not well behaved, more like ok behaved. I said to my boyfriend on the way up to work ‘She’s on probation’, so if she was extremely bad on this day, that was it. I was going to tell the PA that I wasn’t teaching her anymore. I’d rather teach a student who wants to learn. Fortunately she was good, but unfortunately for me, I could no longer say I wasn’t going to teach her. I’ll have watch her and if she turns bad again, I’m going to have to let her go.

However for the class, we spent about 35 minutes out of 60, correcting her homework that she didn’t do. She doesn’t like writing or reading, or pretty much anything related to English; so to get her to do it we had to make a game of it, which actually turned out well. We didn’t manage to correct all the homework though.

China wise, there is a holiday coming up called the Moon Cake Festival. They eat these cakes filled with different things. Here is the link of the different kinds.Top 10 moon cakes. They look really nice, but the majority of foreigners don’t like them, including me. I once bought one and it turned out to be meat in the middle. After that it put me off them. In the link above there seem to be nice ones; including ice-cream! I am willing to try one again though, once it’s not meat or seafood.

So for the holiday this means we will have a few days off school and work. We don’t plan to go anywhere; It will be too crowded and we are trying to save money. We’ll most likely meet our friends at one point and do something with them, maybe visit some towns around Chengdu.

The first Moon Cake Festival I was at since coming to China, we headed to Xi’an, and it was mental! We also visited Jiuzhaigou, which was beautiful but again very busy. I think I posted some pictures of my time there in my older posts.



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