What a lovely sunny day!

Chengdu….yesterday you really outdone yourself! As you can see, the sky was completely blue! Not a hint of a cloud, the temperature was just nice…and….. it was a holiday! So the roads were much quieter than usual.

We were saying yesterday; if the weather was this nice in Chengdu all the time, I really wouldn’t mind living here. The past few weeks have been miserable; cold, so much rain, and of course loads of pollution. This time last year we were still wearing shorts and t-shirts, but lately the temperature has been around 20-24 degrees. I know it’s not too cold but it’s a difference from 30 a couple of weeks ago. Plus when it rains it gets colder.

To soak up the good weather, myself, Rafa and two friends of ours went to an Art festival. At 3:30pm there was going to be live music so we got there in time for it to start. Inside a building there were some art pieces (which I didn’t really understand), then outside there were stalls with food, beer and different crafts.


I think these are alcoholic drinks.

I think these are alcoholic drinks.



We got a few Chinese beers (Chinese beer tastes awful by the way) and we found a place to watch and listen to the music. There was a group from Lanzhou, Xinjiang, a reggae group, a pretty famous rapper in China, and a trance kind of group that played. We left at around 7:30 as the trance type music wasn’t for us.

We made our way for barbecued food which annoyingly took 2.3 hours to come! By the end we were fuming; it should be cooked in 10 minutes. When ours arrived it was cold, meaning they obviously forgot about it. We asked it to be reheated, which took another 30 minutes. Some of the food we ordered didn’t even arrive. So by the end, we asked for a manager (apparently there was none) but we didn’t budge until we got a discount for our food. We finally did but with the help of our friend who is Chinese.

What annoyed me though, was that they didn’t apologise for it being late. In Ireland, they would be very sorry and try to rectify their mistake. But that just shows how different China is. They were pretty pissed that we demanded a discount too.

So after that, we headed back to our friends house and watched a scary film, leaving at about 1am. All in all, it was a good day, with the blue sky adding to this!

Give us more days like this and I’d be tempted (just a little) of staying longer in Chengdu.



3 thoughts on “What a lovely sunny day!

  1. I’m sorry about this crummy day, but I loved reading about it! Especially since I also saw the NuArt Show up until that weird trance music. It’s nice reading about someone else’s adventures in the ‘du.

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