Our favourite park in Chengdu.

Because last Sunday it was such a nice day, we decided to go our favourite park; Huan huaxi Park.  Before this however, we decided to get lunch in one of our usual eating spots while we lived in the old apartment. This is one of the first places Rafa brought me to eat when we were first meeting, so it has good memories for me. Unfortunately we haven’t eaten there since last March, since we left the old place. It is run by the husband and wife, and it isn’t even a restaurant, just an area big enough to fit around 5 tables. We would often see their small grandchild there. At that stage she couldn’t really walk yet. We used to say ‘let’s go and see the baozi baby’.  Ha I’m not sure how we ended up with that name, but I think it was because whenever we would see her she would be wrapped up in layers of clothes, literally like a ball. We always joked that if they let her go she would roll away.  Baozi’s are steamed buns by the way.

The man doesn’t even sell baozi buns! But we ended up calling him ‘baozi man’ too. We would usually get jiaozi’s, and they are very nice! They come with spicy dipping sauce, and so far, we haven’t found another place that sells these. The owners have their own dialect (not sichuan dialect) so we are presuming the jiaozi’s are from that province.

It was so nice to see them again. The husband and wife were there, and suddenly we saw the little baby! She was much bigger now, and was blabbering a little in Chinese. And, she was no longer afraid of me; giving both of us a wave! After our food, we explained to them that we don’t live near there anymore so thats why we don’t go anymore. But we did promise to ourselves to make sure to go more often. I missed those jiaozi’s and of course the baby. We have a photo of myself holding the baby and we showed it to my family. My little 4 year old nephew asked ‘Is that your baby?’ Then, during our Skype session he would ask ‘where’s your baby that was in the picture?’ Aw kids!

So after our lunch, I decided we could go to Huan huaxi Park which was quite close to where we were. Coincidently the last time we visited was this time last year! So we haven’t been there in a while!

I think the reasons why I love this park is that it’s big, there are bamboo trees everywhere, theres a huge lake to walk around, and it doesn’t feel as cramped as say ‘People’s Park’. Because it’s so big, it doesn’t feel like there are so many people in it. I also like the layout of it. Luckily it was a lovely sunny day, so that added to how nice it was. It would be a good place to go running in in the mornings as it’s also free.

We decided to get some teas and sit by the river. I wanted to get my red tea 红茶 hong= red, cha= tea, but unfortunately they didn’t have it. That was the only tea I knew in Chinese, so he ended up giving us one that we had tasted before and liked. We sat for over an hour, until my poor feet were covered in mosquito bites. They are still itchy as hell! Then we went for our stroll, taking some videos to send to my family later.

Here are some pictures from the Park. Some of these are from last year. 

The younger baozi baby!

The younger baozi baby!







Chinglish is everywhere.

Chinglish is everywhere.



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