Getting new student visas.

So the time has come for us to get a new visa. Because we leave for Ireland in the middle of December, when we arrive back in Chengdu we will only have 3 days before our current visa expires.  I think we could just about get away with it as we would bring all our documents with us to the airport, but I think we just don’t want to risk it! Get the visa done before we leave so we don’t have to worry about it!

We have most of our documents from the school and work so we are going to the visa office tomorrow and see what they can do. Although we want to get student visas, this means the visa is only for the schools 2 semesters, whereas we would need to get a year visa; we will get the visa this November/December. This means having to get a medical done! For working, I’ve had to get one, but we are unsure whether the officer will let us away with it or not. I’m guessing not! They are very strict. If you only have a copy of a document, they will refuse you; asking for the original, they are that strict! We hope we don’t have to get the medical, but I wont be surprised if they ask us for one!

So that has been stressing me out a little. I think anything related with visas is stressful; at the end of the day, they can simply refuse you there and then. We decided to stay in Chengdu for another year and continue studying so getting student visas is a little easier than work ones.

I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about that fact that I’ll be here another year!? I’m enjoying studying, but now, the only reason why I’m in China is to study. If that wasn’t the case, I think I’d be gone home long before now! Many of our friends that we have met here are also thinking of leaving in the next year; people from my old and new campus are leaving, people from school are leaving….It’ll be us on our lonesomes soon!

But, I’m sure we’ll meet other people!



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