Christmas At Home.

I’ve been home for nearly a week now, enjoying Mums food and playing with my nephews. My older nephew, I notice, has improved his English since the last time I saw him. He’s started Primary school so he comes up with words like ‘approaching’  and ‘nocturnal’, which have surprised me! I’m so used to kids his age in China only being able to say very basic English words. And the youngest, who is 10 months old, can now sit up unaided and can clap his hands! 

The weather of course is rainy and cloudy, but it’s lovely to be inside in the warmth! Rafa was afraid that he would be freezing in Ireland, but I assured him that inside places it’s warm. Instead of Chengdu where EVERYWHERE is cold! It’s nice not having to wear a coat indoors!

My Chinese studies is slowly coming back, where I’ve been translating our textbook into English, or  I should say into ‘Chinglish.’ That way we can read the Chinglish and try to translate it back into Mandarin. I feel like I’m actually studying by doing this. I have plenty of time to study, but of course TV and the nephews pull me away.

And I’ve FINALLY gotten my hair cut and coloured. After my bad experience during the summer, I held off getting it done until now. After letting it grow for the past 3/4 years, I got it cut to my shoulders. My hair dresser said the colour should last a few months, as it’s my natural hair colour… but, my hair isn’t the best at keeping colours in, so I wont be surprised if it’s much brighter soon.

So next week I have my hospital appointment, then Christmas is around the corner! I still have stuff to get, but I still have time.

China wise, I’m not missing too much. I miss my independence though as this time I don’t have the small car to be able to drive places, so I’ve been relying on my parents to drop us places. We have, to me the ‘big car’, but I think It’s too big to drive, so I’m reluctant to buy insurance for it in case I don’t drive it. But I may brave it and venture out one day in it!



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