Needing to buy a heater.

Having returned to Chengdu, we have given up the warmth of our lovely fire stove at home in return for our measly old air conditioner that puffs out (just about) luke warm air. Having become spoilt by the fire in Ireland, the return to the cold and having to wear jackets all day, even indoors, we were forced to take action.

Both of us just couldn’t stand the constant feeling of being cold. Inside; it’s cold. Outside; it’s cold. In a restaurant; it’s cold. And this coldness permeates through your whole body, which makes it worse. Although Ireland is cold, especially with the crisp breeze, Chengdu seems worse. I’m not sure why…. it just is. At home, you know that when you go inside some place it’s going to be warm. When we went to our local shopping centre, I was that warm I had to take my coat off! But in Chengdu, that will unfortunately, never, ever be the case.

Becoming fed up with this, we decided, on our second day of returning, to go and buy ourselves one of these heaters. These don’t exist in Ireland, but I’m sure they would go down a treat! And for the great price of 98yuan, or about 13euro, they were a fantastic price! You can set it on a timer, there are two temperatures; 450W and 900W, and they even move side to side! They really are a great job! There is a strong light which reflects the back panel and gives off heat.  The red light also makes it cosy at night…. almost like a REAL fire! haha

God I’d be a really good salesperson for Baoerma!


At it’s full glory.



Look at it go!

We have one each, with me saying ‘Oh I think I’ll put the fire on’. Seeing as I don’t have the luxury of our fire stove at home, our new heaters will be satisfactory I think.

We’re going to get great use out of these for the next few months, until the heat starts rolling in. Then they’ll be tucked away and out will come our fan to cool us down!….. and of course, once again courtesy of Baoerma.



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