Chinese New Year in Chengdu

Chinese New Year is upon us, and surprisingly, this is my first in Chengdu! After my stint of interning, I headed home for a month which ended up me missing my first New Years here. Then last year, we went to Hangzhou, so that was my second missed. This time round, we’ve decided to stay put and enjoy the quietness of the city during this time.

Most people have travelled home to be with their family, so Chengdu has become eerily quiet. Having been in the city today, there were not many cars or people about. Well, I think there’s always going to be loads of people, wherever you go in China, but I did admit, I did enjoy the lack of people.

Walking around our area, many shops and restaurants were closed for the holiday. Where we went for lunch, EVERYONE ELSE was going there for lunch too, as it was the only place open for food.

We bought some food so we think we are sorted for a few days. Although I’m not actually sure when the shops will re-open, but I did see one restaurant where it’s closed until the 15th…. Let’s just hope it’s just that one!

Our Chinese friend invited us to go to her house tomorrow night to celebrate with which was nice of her. Her family don’t live in Chengdu so she will have no one to celebrate with. I think she is making hot pot which I can’t wait for!


新年快乐!Happy New Year.


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