New Year Hot Pot

Last New Years, we celebrated just by ourselves… this time around, we were invited to our friends place for some Hot Pot!



We arrived at her place about 7 and we ate until our bellies were bursting; she really did her best with the food, preparing loads of vegetables and meat to cook. Two of her friends joined us later in the night… one has a little English, but the other….. well, let’s just say he needs a bit more practise.

So we spent a good chunk of the night actually practising Mandarin with them. Our new friend is a baker, and he brought us a lovely cake to eat. He kept saying to us “Me baker”… but he now knows the correct way of saying it! Although he had VERY little English, he did try his best to communicate in English so that was good to see.

A lot of the time when the Chinese people were talking, we would try and catch what they were saying…. good listening practice!

After we finished the hot pot, we cracked open the cake! At first I thought it was going to be one of those airy/full of cream Chinese cakes that are seen everywhere, but delightfully, it was made of mango and chocolate ice-cream! It was also shaped as a log with jelly flowers.


Our new friend told us that he wants to learn English so he can read English recipes, so that one day he can open his own shop and bake. The cake was delicious so he was very happy.

At 12am, we rang in the Chinese New Year with a Mandarin song. We ran to the window to see if we could see any sign of fireworks, but because Chengdu banned fireworks in the middle of the city, we could only faintly see them far away. I remember in Hangzhou, us look looking out of our hostel bedroom watching them… they were so loud!


After the food and snacks, we decided to head home as we were now so tired from all the food!



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