3rd Semester Studying

Today was our first day back in University again, which I am very happy about! It has been over 2 months since finishing our 2nd semester, and I had definitely become bored!

Although I did try and meet up with my Chinese friend in order to give me private lessons, I didn’t go nearly enough during that free time… but I will try and make more of an effort now that I am back studying full time.

Like the previous 2 semesters, we have again changed classrooms, meaning we are now in one of the biggest classrooms of the foreign teaching building! Unfortunately we still have one person that has followed us from level 1 that we don’t particularly like. Let’s just say, he has professed his love to our previous teacher one too many times (he’s in his 40’s)….. plus he doesn’t really make the effort in class that much.

Another person who has joined us today is another male student who I know I wouldn’t really enjoy being around either. . . I know I shouldn’t judge him just on one day, but I’ve heard other people mention this guy too. But anyway, the only person I should be caring about is myself.

Our first two classes are reading and teaching us the grammar, and our teacher spoke, at most 10 English words throughout that time. Compared to last semester, our teachers spoke more English than Chinese! So this is a big welcome! I definitely need to concentrate in class more now.

Our listening and speaking teacher seems very nice also. We had to each talk about our winter holidays and where we went, what we did and so on. Getting everyone to speak kind of tells you what sort of Chinese everyone has, and I’m sure thats why the teachers get us to speak, so they know the average level of everyone.

Plus, this semester, we have no pinyin! So the conversations in our book are all in Chinese characters, so this jump will increase our reading capability and fluency.

Although having to wake up much earlier than usual, I know in a few days my body will suddenly become tired! But I’m glad to get back into our studying routine again.



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