First Week Back Studying: Recap

So I’ve been back at Uni studying Mandarin a week now, and all in all it went quite well! A few more people joined the class, while a few others left, so next week everyone will probably stick to one level now.

Some students in my class are coming to the first two classes in Level 3, and then moving to Level 4 for the listening and speaking part. We are going to stay put in Level 3; we have the book for next semester so are Chinese friend said we can start to learn that book with her. That way next semester we can jump to Level 5.

What is pretty annoying however is that there are 10 levels altogether! So if I started from Level 1… it would take me 5 years to complete the whole series of the book!! Although I really enjoy the series that we are using, I definitely think we move too slow.

In some ways I feel level 1 didn’t teach us too much, but what it was good for was pinyin and tones (how to pronounce Chinese). This of course is very important when learning Chinese, and I feel my pronunciation of words has improved because of studying this.

But as always, I’m always angry at myself; I can’t remember this words, I forget how to write a character, my sentence isn’t correct, I can’t think quick enough when thinking of an answer. . . .

My quest for perfection and being perfect in Chinese will always nag at me. Ha it is unfortunately a never ending battle!

So, I try and study as much as a can…. until I forget something and get frustrated at myself, again.

Oh, if only someone Chinese could implant their language into my own head……. that would be brilliant.








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