Checking Out Xiamen

The flights are paid for and the hostel is booked, so it wont be long until we check out our (maybe) future city where we plan to move to. Having had our eye on Xiamen for a while, we decided the summer is the best time to visit, with us going on a little trip with our friends to Western Sichuan, then with my boyfriends sis and boyfriend visiting in August, it was now or never.

Because Uni finishes the 24th of June, we decided to travel the 27th for a few days. We can see the city, check out the weather, food, environment, apartments, and where we may be working at. From what I’ve seen, it looks very nice, and we have gotten in touch with 2 people who already live there and they are very positive about the city, so I hope we will enjoy it too. Although I know for certain that apartments are much more expensive than Chengdu.

What’s also good is that there are direct flights from Amsterdam straight to Xiamen, so only a short flight from Dublin to Amsterdam, then plain sailing to Xiamen. That’s definitely good… especially when my family comes to visit one day.

But if this city isn’t up to what we expected, I suppose we’ll just have to research more about another city that takes our fancy. Ideally we would like somewhere that has Western supermarkets like Metro, Carrefour and the likes, the winters aren’t especially cold… oh and good weather!

When the weather is good in Chengdu, there aren’t very many places to go and enjoy it, unless you have the opportunity of being able to get onto the roof of your building. Or you have a balcony, which we don’t.  When you go to a park, masses of people are there… so every seat is taken. Plus, every one of these seats will of course be in the shade. Damn it, I’m from Ireland, we don’t get ANY sun, let me enjoy it in Chengdu at least!

Furthermore, my boyfriend is from Mexico where the weather is great, so he really isn’t keen on the weather here.

So our time here in Chengdu is ticking away… and just maybe I might be posting from Xiamen next year.



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