When The Heavens Poured Down

During these few weeks, the weather in Chengdu has been gearing up for the Summer, so that means unpredictable weather. This week, it certainly has been unpredictable!

A few nights ago I was woken up by a huge rumble of thunder…. In Ireland, it’s quite rather rare to have thunder and lightning….so that means I’m definitely not used to it! So when it occurs in Chengdu…let’s just say I’m just a little scared!

So when I woke up, unsurprisingly I was quite frightened. The lightening was illuminating the room… and not just one flash… this lightning happened every 5 seconds! Then all of a sudden I hear a big ‘CCRRRAACCKKK!!!’ and thats when I hid under the covers, afraid to look out my window. This was then followed by a huge roar of thunder. However this didn’t disturb my boyfriend; he just said ‘It’s only thunder and lightning’. Only???!! I’m here thinking all sorts; what if it hits my building, my window?! What if I look outside and the lightning blinds me?!

I’ve never been afraid of a bit of thunder/lightning before..when it would happen at home I would excitedly think ‘Oh wow!!’… Now…. not so much. I suppose here it’s much louder and it happens more often. I’m just not used to it.

But anyway I survived that night.

So, another day passed and we were finished work. We had just collected my boyfriends spicy potatoes and my Chinese fried jiaozis (for dinner)… when I felt a few drops of rain. We instinctively drove faster on the e-bike, eager to get home… when all of a sudden lightning and thunder occurred, and with that… a huge torrent of rain started to fall! Within 5 seconds we were drenched; us having to stop the e-bike, grab out a poncho and put that on as fast as we could. I however forgot to bring mine… and of course my boyfriends was only made for one person, so I had to resort to putting the back piece of it over my head.


An e-bike poncho

As you can imagine, my head was dry… but my legs, feet,arms and the bag on my back were soaked… although my jiaozi’s, having them tucked between myself and Rafa, were completely dry thankfully!

And being on the e-bike and not being able to see… such a weird experience! Because the poncho was over my head, I had to constantly look to the ground, so for the majority of the ride home all I saw were huge puddles of water.

Plus, on the road home we encountered an accident on the way… so we had to turn around and make a longer detour.. by this stage I had started eating my jiaozi’s. My thought was ‘Well we won’t be home for another 15 minutes at least, I may as well start eating!’

Finally, we made it home..cold and soaked…and the thing that kept nagging me…..

‘I really shouldn’t have forgotten my poncho……..’

I definitely learned my lesson!



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