When I Hate Getting Sick

Becoming sick is one thing that I hate in China. You can’t just simply head to the chemist, grab some medication and go..or if you need to.. see your local doctor. It’s just not easy at all!

Nearly two weeks ago I came down with a terrible cough which hasn’t gone away. It has slowly been getting better, but I know I’m going to have it for another little while yet. I’m not sure how I got it, but I think it was when we decided to walk up to our apartment on the 11th floor instead of taking the elevator…you know… to try and get fit. I think I walked up them a bit too quickly, because since then I’ve had this cough.

I thought ‘it’ll be gone in a day or two’… wrong… a week later I still had it, waking up at night having coughing fits. By the end of the week I was literally fed up of it! So then to make matters worse.. on Sunday I got a cold. So for the past few days I really felt awful. Every time I talked I would need to cough a lot… so, I really didn’t need that cold on top of the cough too!

I’ve even missed a few days off from Uni plus one day of work I was that bad… but thankfully since Wednesday there has been a big improvement. My boyfriend went with a Chinese work colleague to a chemist and bought 3 boxes of medication… so in all I had to take 19 tablets a day!!! 19!!! I really felt that number was a little drastic… but they must have worked so that’s all I care about.

I’m really reluctant to go to a doctors here in China… unless you speak Chinese, you really need someone to take you. They are also known to hook you up to IV drips even for the simplest of ailments…

Even though there are English speaking doctors in clinics for foreigners here, they are a huge rip-off! They charge you loads of money just for the advantage that they can speak English.

Another home comfort is knowing that whatever medicine to take…you know exactly what it says on the box… here however, I had no idea what the hell I’m taking… an oral solution, 5 of the same pills, then another 2 pills… with no idea of what any of them do. Being handed 3 boxes…it’s like… ‘Well we’ll give you these 3 types… if one of them doesn’t work the other two might’ kind of attitude.

 They were pretty cheap though, about 10euro for the 3. I know it’s easy to blame the pollution here, but I’ve been here nearly 3 years already and this is the first time ever that I’ve gotten this cough. So I think it was some bacteria I picked up or something. I know I’m going to have this cough for another few weeks, but at least that’s the only thing I’ll have!

And my boyfriend is also very happy that I am getting better; he’s finished being a carer to me!



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