Invited to a BBQ

So about a week ago, we were invited to a BBQ/housewarming party by one of my boyfriends friends. He actually used to live in our community and building… but because his Chinese wife is pregnant, they decided to move to a bigger apartment. I have only seen him a few times coming and going from our building, so it was nice to be invited!

After work we travelled to his apartment, which happened to be close by our own… and let’s just say… we were both a teeny bit jealous of his new place….. mainly by the fact that they have a huge rooftop area because they live on the top floor.

I would say, their rooftop area would be the size of our whole apartment! I’m sure it is lovely being there when it is sunny! This is when I really miss our garden in Ireland.

When we move from our own apartment… maybe, just maybe we might find one with a rooftop…. even just a balcony will do me!






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