A New Way To Learn


This whole studying Chinese thing really REALLY annoys me sometimes. I truly get de-motivated when learning it. I do enjoy studying, just I feel whatever I learn just doesn’t stick. So we heard that two foreigners are trying to start up their own business on how they learned Chinese. I was shocked to hear that they studied 2 years and managed to pass the HSK 6 exam! This is the highest level of the HSK levels.. making them perfectly fluent in both speaking, reading and the writing of Chinese.  

How the hell did they do that???!! I’ve been slugging away here for 1.5 years trying to study… and I just about know the characters for HSK 3.

So we really wanted to know how they achieved this (to me anyway) impossible thing. Yesterday they invited us to partake in an introductory course on how they managed to do this. There were about 7 other people there intrigued on what they had to say.

They explained to us that if we bought a full course, which is 12 hours… they will show us step by step how to study the grammar, tones, characters….. how to manage our time more efficiently, mistakes not to make when studying, better memorisation…  and many websites and apps that they themselves use that will help us.

They then asked us to think of a word that we don’t know…and of course some smart person decided he wanted to learn the word ‘sexy’….. that is one word that I really wouldn’t care to learn…. so we ended up going with the word ‘model’. He showed us through a website how we can successfully remember this word.. through listening, pictures, and some experience that you have had that which will help you remember this particular word. And you know what… I still remember it! 模特 (mó tè) Now I don’t know the character itself, but I know how to say it and with which tones. 

I’m really beginning to become de-motivated recently… I have become obsessed with just leaving China and starting a new life in Mexico learning Spanish, but if I did that I would regret giving up….. so I think finding this company was a godsend. For my group, it is on Sunday 6-8pm, perfect because it’s our day off… I’m really looking forward to it. And because they are only starting off, it is quite cheap! Their main aim at the moment is to make foreigners in Chengdu more aware of their new business.

I think next Sunday they are going to start off with tones… as they are one of the most fundamentally important aspects of Chinese.

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “A New Way To Learn

  1. Hey just saw your post! Do you have any more details this course or who it its with I am very interested to improve my Chinese in Chengdu?!

    • It’s called Mandarin Blueprint, so if you have Wechat you can contact them through there. I think they have an introductory course every 3 weeks, but contact them anyway and they will tell you more!

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