Methods On Learning Chinese: Week 1

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ve started a 12 hour course in order to improve my method of learning Chinese. At the moment one of my methods is translating my textbook into English (or Chinglish), then re-translating it back into Mandarin. That way I can see if my translation is the same as in the book. But I’m obviously missing something.. as my Chinese still isn’t what I’d like it to be.

So last week was our first week of this 12 course we signed up to. Our first class we basically went through the phonics and tones.. easy enough. I’ve studied this in college already… but it is great to learn this stuff from a non-native person. The two guys that run the company know which phonics are difficult for foreigners, so they take a different approach in how we should learn it.

The most difficult ones for me are the ‘r’, ‘x’, ‘j’, ‘q’ sounds. They made an extra effort yesterday to make sure we were saying them correctly… ie showing us where to put our tongue when pronouncing these sounds.

Tone wise, I’m ok with these.

For homework, they gave us 100 cards of Anki, which we have to listen to and answer the correct pinyin and tones.

Oh, and I’ve found out that my college exams will be held next week! We have 12 topics altogether.. so my plan is to study 2 a day… ha but we will see how that goes!



4 thoughts on “Methods On Learning Chinese: Week 1

  1. 加油爱玲!That’s dedication right there, I really wish to go back and study more seriously but finances won’t allow me. Looking into courses here in Ireland but you know Ireland, courses are few and far between and quite expensive. Have you done any of the HSK exams yet?

    Love the blog, I’m catching up on it all now!

    • Hey! Well I’m planning on leaving Uni to study with a private teacher next semester, I can’t really afford it either now, plus every semester I’m finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning.. Oh I know there aren’t many courses at home at all. No I haven’t done any HSK’s, plan on doing HSK 3 but still some characters I don’t know so I need to study them. I plan on doing it one day! You should keep writing your blog at home! Glad you enjoy it, pretty hard to write stuff though when sometimes you’ve not much to write about!

      • I know, I wish I kept to it more while I was there. I think when I go t through my photos I’ll right some stories and memories about them. I’m the worst though, no motivation to keep a blog going. Haha. I’m going to try the HSK 2 this year to see if I can and go from there. Let me know how the study goes!

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