Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu

Since arriving in Chengdu, I’ve visited Luodai 3 times now; the first was when I was on my teaching internship and my other teaching colleagues brought us. I actually think I did a blog about my first time there.

The second was when we went with two other friends from work…. we decided to go on a TERRIBLE day! It absolutely lashed and we were soaked to the bone. We arrived at Luodai but decided not to walk around it… the rain was just too bad. Plus we only had 2 umbrellas for 4 people. So we bought a few beers and headed back to Chengdu… 2 hours away. So that was a waste of a journey.

So the third time, the weather was perfect! It was a great day to go; the weather was amazing, plus it was on a Thursday, meaning it wouldn’t be busy.

Chinese people love eating snacks, so you can try the strange food in the town, plus there are plenty of stalls selling ice-creams and drinks so you will never be thirsty! Most of the shops sell clothes, handicrafts and snacks. We decided to go and get our feet ‘cleansed’ by some fish… which was only 10元 for 30 minutes! So cheap!

For us, because we live in the south west of Chengdu, it took us about 2 hours to arrive. We took bus 10, then changed to 219. Luodai town is the last stop for 219 so it is quite convenient to visit.

Here are some photos of the great day!


Ahh no crowds……





This is at the top, where we got caught by some ladies urging us to take a tour of the ‘Great Wall of Luodai’… basically a small wall replica of the one in Beijing. 


Little fish nibbling and tickling my feet. Was so strange at the beginning but I soon found it quite relaxing.


Luodai is a nice wee place to visit for a couple of hours if you are free. It is in the East of Chengdu, so it may take you more than 2 hours to reach if you are coming from the West.



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