Loosing Weight

Recently I’ve started to make more of an effort to loose some weight. Once again, my student called me fat ‘Aisling you are so fat’…. and at that particular time really upset up. I tried to explain to her that Asian and Western bodies are different.. but she just didn’t understand. She has told me numerous times that her Mum tells her she is fat… so that is where she has picked up her bad habit.

So I told her that it’s rude to say that to me… ha I think she was more confused that it’s rude… in China it’s not at all.

So since that upsetting experience I’ve made more of an effort to cut down on food and exercise more. Since returning from Ireland in January, I know I’ve put on some weight…. and recently I’m been feeling really down and self-conscious about it. Having to see teeny girls in short skirts showing off their skinny legs definitely makes you feel fat. And I know when they see me they think ‘Oh there’s a fat foreigner’. Just because I’m bigger than then.

In Ireland I’m definitely not fat, just average. Oh how I miss being average.

Also at work, there is a Chinese girl who I work with who thinks she is fat, and is on a diet and doing loads of exercise. But to me, she is DEFINITELY NOT FAT.  I think she has a lovely figure. I really do.  But the rest of her colleagues are stick thin… so she also has to be stick thin.

I really do enjoy living in China, but when you are constantly being judged on your weight, what you wear, and how rich you appear to be… it does take it’s toll on you. It does on me anyway. My accepting of myself and my body is definitely being pushed to the limit.

And to show you how obsessed the Chinese people are about being thin, here is an advertisement I found.


It says 想吃不想胖,喝。。‘Would like to eat but not get fat, drink…(name of drink)’

So it’s condoning not eating and becoming anorexic.

In Ireland, this ad would really make people angry.



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