Money Or Happiness?

Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t come easy to me. I worry/ stress over pretty much everything. A lot of times I don’t like myself for whatever reason….and I haven’t done some things because my anxiety takes over and forces me to abandon it. I’m missing out on things because I’m too afraid to do it… and it drives me mad!

So when it comes to money or happiness… which one should you choose? I’ve been at the same company for the past 3 years, but I finally gave in my 1 months notice. This definitely wasn’t because I had too much money.. like everyone else I need to work. But I simply just wasn’t happy. I had my meeting with my manager and told her how I feel. I don’t mind teaching, and my students are all really nice… just I didn’t want to work for the company anymore. Their new changes weren’t going to benefit me,  we had no say as to whether the teachers actually wanted these new changes… and it just felt like I had no opinion on anything… accept it and that’s that.

We plan on leaving China during the summer, so If I stayed, I would only have to work another 4/5 months, and I know some people would say ‘Oh just stick it out…it’s only a few more months’  But for me, I knew I would feel worse and worse if I stayed.

For me, I would pick being happy than money. I certainly need money, but happiness to me is more important. I strive for happiness in my life… but sometimes it feels like I’m never going to be happy. Whatever I do it won’t be good enough. So that’s my ongoing battle with myself!

In a previous job, it made me really unhappy.  I remember crying one night because I just didn’t want to be there. So I left. I then spent the last year looking for jobs… which kind of made it worse!

I know in a few weeks I’ll be thinking ‘Oh why didn’t I stay… I’d have more money now and I wouldn’t be worrying about my finances’… I know I’ll be thinking that… but just at this moment my  overwhelming desire of happiness just overrides these feelings. In a way, knowing that I made this decision by myself… to better myself mentally makes it (at this moment) worthwhile.

Does anyone else have the same opinion, or would some people choose money over happiness?




2 thoughts on “Money Or Happiness?

  1. This is a great post and it’s something that I’m going through right now (although in a different way). In my situation, I know that I want to get my Masters and I know that Korea is the best place for me to do this and still be able to save money. But it means going back to Korea, which is something that I never thought I’d do and I’m not sure if I’d be happy there but it would be a short term sacrifice for my long term goal.

    I’m sure that you made the right decision! Being unhappy in a job is never fun and it ruins all aspects of your life. Good luck!

    • Hi! Yeah I know it’s difficult to know what is best. I think going back to Korea to do your Masters will be a different experience than just going to work. It will feel like you are getting something out of it! I suppose for you it feels like you are going backwards but at least you are getting a Masters out of it! And that’s a big deal! I’m sure other people don’t think my decision was the best one… but I can’t be thinking about other people!

      Hope everything goes well for you in Korea!

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