What I’ve Hoarded Since Coming To China

With the idea of going home in a few months time, I’ve gradually realised that I have hoarded quite a lot of things since my time here! I look around the apartment thinking ‘I need to bring that back home, need to bring this back….and this…..and this too… oh and this!

And the list goes on and on…

From bringing just a 50L and a carry on bag to China…. I’ve now got those two bags, plus a 30L, a 5L and 3 schoolbags.

From coming to China I’ve now got 3 coats.

2 bikes

About 10/15 Chinese books

3 towels

3 sets of quilts and 4 pillows

An extra 5/6 pairs of shoes

Plus loads of clothes…

I certainly won’t be able to bring all of that home!

There are always foreigners arriving in Chengdu all the time, so hopefully we’ll be able to sell a few bits like the quilts and what not.

But it really has amazed me how much I’ve collected!

We also have one big box and bag full of discarded clothes. They have been lying here for months because we don’t know where we can leave them. We don’t exactly just want to leave them outside our building. I had left some old shoes there once and an hour later they were gone! So I know people will take them, but I feel sort of bad doing it. I’d rather bring them to a donation shop or recycle them…unfortunately most Chinese don’t know what recycling is… so in the end we might just leave them outside.

As for our bikes… I really want to bring them home with me. I love my bike…. but if I only stay a short while in Ireland then I might not even use it. . . and because of the area in Mexico which we plan to go to sometime in the future, it’s full of hills so it’s definitely not an ideal place to have a bicycle.

So we’ll see what the price is to bring them to Ireland and if it’s worth it. My old one which I got when I first came here has been parked at the buildings staircase (gathering dust) for the past 8/9 months, so I’ll try and sell that one at least.

My plan is (hopefully) not buy too many more things before we leave… I know I’ll be in a tizzy when the time comes and I’ll be desperately trying to sort out things that I can just about throw away.

I really hate leaving things behind!



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