Hola México!

After an unexpected change of plans, we have made the decision to go to Mexico for our holidays, escaping the polluted Chengdu air for a while. The weather is great, the people are friendly, I can proudly say that with regards to body weight, I’m NORMAL, and I don’t have to have Chinese people look at me and think that I’m fat. IT’S GREAT! I’m very self-conscious about my body in China, so it’s nice not having to worry about it now.

It’s going to be a struggle to go back to China, but I know it’s only going to be for a few months. It’s hard to imagine at times! My fiancés aunty told us that we were invited to own of her friends wedding here in Mexico in November, and although it was very nice of her to invite us, in my head I was thinking ‘Thanks, but we won’t be here, we’ll be in China”…. But then later I realised ‘Oh actually we won’t be in China! And we’ll most likely be in Mexico this November after all, so yeah, we could actually go!’

It was strange to realise that we’re coming to the end of our time in China. I left when I was 23, and I’m now going to be 28 soon, so I feel I’ve grown up a lot and became my own person in a way. I feel It was good to leave home and sort of ‘grow up’ in a way. So my Chinese adventure is nearly over, but I’ll be starting a new one soon.

At the moment, I can’t find myself living in Mexico because I’m on ‘holiday mode’. Plus it’s very different to both Ireland and China. I’ve gotten used to China and it’s culture, so I’ll have to learn how to live in Mexico soon!

But I must say that the Mexican people are very friendly, so I know that when I start to learn Spanish and start speaking, it will be much easier to communicate to people here than in China.  Chinese people aren’t as open as Mexican people.

I think my family will love Mexico too. I’ve heard too many times that they would prefer to go to Mexico than China…. so I will actually scream if they don’t visit me here! No one visited me in China!


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