Buying My Wedding Dress

So, I’ve managed to bag a bargain! My wedding dress cost a whopping……. €130! A. Wedding. Dress!

Buying a wedding dress was one thing that I was worried about having to splurge on. I simply don’t want to/ can’t afford to buy a dress that I’m only going to wear once. I know it’s a special day for me and all that, but no, even then I just can’t bring myself to buy a dress for €1,000 or more.

We were having a look around at dress shops here where we live, but most of them were just too fancy for me! Big puffed out dresses which just don’t appeal to me at all.


Source; gettyimages

We decided to head to Mexico city and have a look around. The first shop we went into had lovely dresses, and we saw a few wedding type dresses too, so I decided to try them on, and this is where I found mine! The shop is called ‘Massima‘ and I must say many of them were very nice.

I really liked two but I felt one fitted me a little better than the other. So there you go! I read that one woman tried on about 100 dresses, so I was thinking to myself  ‘Am I just not trying enough or what?‘. But after seeing that dress all the others that I saw in other shops just didn’t appeal to me anymore. I was set on that one.

We had to make some altercations to it so we are picking it up next week. I also bought shoes from a shop literally next door from the dress shop, so I pretty much have everything with regards to what I’m wearing!

I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about finding one now. I just have to look after my weight; this dress doesn’t stretch!

The address for this shop in Mexico city is: República de Uruguay, Centro, 06060 Ciudad de México, CDMX


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