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I’ve always been a person who favours my own company. I’m quite happy being by myself and I don’t feel the need to be surrounded by people.

But now that I’m in Mexico… I feel lonely.

I feel lonely because I’ve no friends.

I feel lonely when my family in Ireland don’t write back to me.

I feel lonely when people come over, converse in Spanish, and I don’t understand.

I feel lonely sitting at the table not being able to contribute to any conversation.

I feel lonely not being included.

I feel lonely because I can’t laugh at any jokes.

I feel lonely not being able to do things when I want to.

I’ve moved from China to Mexico and I feel as lonely as ever.


4 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. I’m completely in the same boat here in Spain. It can be so hard in a new country where you don’t speak the language. There have been so many times where I’ve thought I’m just going to leave and go somewhere else but I don’t even know where to go and I might feel the same there! I love being by myself but it doesn’t feel like a choice anymore because I barely know anyone here. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that it’s not all bad, and it will get better. I’ve joined a yoga class and a Gaelic football team so hopefully that will help, I hope there is something you can join there in Mexico!

    • Yeah I know, before I came I thought ‘Oh i’ll be able to meet new friends’, and I suppose I’m disappointed that I haven’t. Oh that sounds cool, you’ll definitely meet people doing those. I don’t think I’d have the courage to do join groups on my own so fair play!

  2. I can relate. Firstly, you’re brave for travelling half way across the world solo :). Fair play to you! I’ve found Meetup groups to be great for making friends abroad, might be worth looking up ones near you. I’m itching to work abroad again, but your blog post reminded me about how tough and lonely it can be at times, especially in the first couple of months. But, we always persevere and fit in, the pros always seem to outweigh the cons when we move home. Im sure you’ll make friends soon. It’ll all work out!!

    • I’m with my mexican husband and his family are here, so I’m not completely alone, but it’s difficult to try and get a good relationship with his family because they usually speak Spanish with each other and I can’t join in. (Most of them speak English aswell but of course they are going to speak Spanish together all of the time). Yeah I looked up a few for my area but apparently they haven’t had another meet up for a long time! Once I can speak the language then I know it’ll get easier, but for the moment it’s hard. Thank you very much! That’s all I want, that everything will work out!

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