Not Much To Say

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I’ve tried hard to keep writing things for this blog, but to be honest I’ve been living a pretty boring life at the moment, and I’ve nothing really to talk about!

Weeks have turned into 2 months of not finding a job for neither of us here in Ireland, so we haven’t been doing anything in order to try and save money. We splurged a few days ago and bought an Air Fryer for €40 so that we could air fry some things in the mobile home without having to go to my parents house. It’s actually great and I would recommend you buy one. You don’t need to add oil so everything you cook is much healthier than using a pan or whatever else. We usually air fry sausages and that in it.

I try and think of the positives of not having a job, and being with the family is a big one. But now I’m just kind of getting fed up now. Not earning any money at all is hitting us too, so we are just trying to be careful with our spending.

I was a bit upset a few days ago because I’ve been applying to jobs and getting rejections and it brings me back to why I left Ireland over 5 years ago in the first place. I couldn’t get a job. So now, being back and yet again not being able to get a job just upsets me. I didn’t expect it would be this difficult and I honestly had high hopes of securing something by now. I feel as if I’m back to when I was finished college 6 years ago and was applying for this and that and not getting anywhere.

Then what annoys me is that I know with 100% certainty I would get a job in China in an instant. I really really miss China, and somedays when I’m frustrated I just feel like packing up and moving back, but now I just want to be close to my family and that’s that. I’d never say China is out of the picture; it will always still be on the cards, but I think it would be like a last resort for us. But I have to say I really do miss it!

It’s hard though. Sometimes I feel it was a mistake to leave China. A lot of things didn’t go to plan and over a year later we still don’t know what we are at. Every path we choose has hurdles so we need to carefully plan what our next steps are, if it would benefit us and what are the obstacles if we do this or that.

But I hope the month of August will bring some good news for us!


8 thoughts on “Not Much To Say

  1. I’m feeling the lack of opportunities north of the border. I’ve struggled to even get a part-time job here because my ~9 years in customer service and hospitality roles don’t meet retail experience requirements. I’m in the middle of getting myself into online teaching – might be something worth looking at to tide you over in the meantime? All the best ❤️

    • I know, you need experience and qualifications for everything, and then whatever experience you do have isn’t what they are looking for. Yeah I was looking at online teaching, I must look more into it. And we will have to see what will happen to both sides of the border with Brexit on its way!

      • It’s a nightmare! I came back from Korea expecting it to be easy to find a job for the summer – whoops. Nobody wants to train their staff any more, either, even if you have relevant but not exact skills haha.
        For sure! I spent about two weeks researching the different companies that would accept non-US teachers before deciding which ones to apply for haha.
        Haha, definitely. There probably won’t be a border for much longer haha!

      • I thought so too, and then I come back and realise that my experience is useless. I’m thinking of doing a one year course so I can get some qualifications and that will help me. Thinking about a CELTA too so that I’m qualified to teach English in Ireland. It’s nice being home but also I’m bored out of my head!

  2. I like to tell myself that they’re just worried we’ll leave again pretty quickly so they see us as too risky to hire. CELTA is a great idea! Do you want to stay in Ireland?
    I feel that – the break was so nice at the beginning, but now I’m looking at my savings account slowly decreasing and holding back on doing anything too fun so I don’t run out!

    • Yeah maybe you are right, I never thought of that. Ideally I’d like to move to Spain; the weather is much better and it’s still close to home, but I have to keep studying spanish because it’s not good enough, and also I’ll prob have to go back to teaching English there for a while. I know I’d get a job easily there too. My problem is my husband isn’t an EU national so I have to go on my own and get a job/ apartment and then he can come to Spain.
      Ireland is just too expensive and at the moment I can’t ever see myself buying a house or getting a car here. At least in the big cities in Spain you don’t need a car! What about yourself?

      • I could be wrong, but it keeps me from becoming too deflated by not having much luck. That seems like a nice balance between being somewhere new but also being able to come home easily. At least teaching English is an option while you build up your Spanish knowledge.
        Ah that is tricky! I’m sure you’ll figure it out, though.
        Haha, I get it. I wanted to come home to save some money and apply for a PGCE next year, but reports have come out saying NI is training too many teachers for the job market (which has been the case for a while, anyway), so I’d probably have to go to England to get a job. And I’m like, well if I have to go away from home, why not somewhere more exciting? I’m thinking of Vietnam next because they have short-term work options rather than needing to commit to one year off the bat but still pay a somewhat decent rate. It’s expensive to get there to start with, though haha.

      • Oh yeah you should definitely try out Vietnam, it’s a lovely country. Hanoi to me was absolutely crazy though! Yeah I know especially when it’s not a good place to work for and you’re stuck for a year. In China the only way to get out of it was getting a study visa but you can also work with it too. That meant you aren’t stuck to the company. We did that for 2 years I think.

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