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As part of my course, I have to find 2 weeks of work experience. We need to find somewhere where we are dealing with customers so I applied for 5 places over a week ago.

I applied for one in a tourist information centre, and a few days ago I received an email saying that the dates I was looking for were booked up. I then received another email from another place and said that they were also full! I went into the local library and they said that I have to go to the council and apply through them because its a public building and it’s a big hassle now with insurance and that! So I decided not to go to the council because I”m sure it would take weeks! I haven’t heard from a Pharmacy or a hotel so I’m still waiting from them.

It’s very annoying at the moment because this was the whole reason why I done my course. I couldn’t get a job. And now I’m back looking for work experience which I’m not even getting paid for. Because the town where I live is small, there’s not many places to choose from. Then we have secondary schools and they send their Transition Year (TY) students on work experience also, which doesn’t help us. Transition Year is a year in the middle of Secondary School where students don’t really do much. They do work experience, set up a small business, go on trips and other stuff. It’s a relaxing year before they go into 5th year and study for their big exams. In my area it’s optional to do but I think in other schools it’s mandatory (I’m not 100% sure on this though). My sister did it but I didn’t. That means that that the TY’s will then join the class that was a year behind them instead of continuing on with their own class. With all the trips and things that they do my Mum found out that it was a very expensive year!

I may have to go to Dublin to do it but I don’t want to have to spend a day going up, handing out CV’s and Cover Letters and then none of them reply to me. And because I currently don’t have a car, my Dad would have to drop me to the bus station really early if I was to start at 9am in Dublin.

I just thought that it wouldn’t be this hard. And it’s times like these that I really don’t like living where I do right now.

I’ll start re-writing my Cover Letters again for more places and hopefully something will come up.



9 thoughts on “Finding Work Experience

  1. Dear Aisling, I feel your pain. Don’t give up. What about family members/friends for points of contact for setting up a stint at work experience? Or Charities? Thrift/charity/community shops rely on volunteers and are probably happier about taking someone on for work experience. It’s all commerce and customer services. Failing that, getting up early to travel to Dublin would only be for the short term, so it would make it easier to cope with. Bless your dad for even considering getting up so early to take you to the bus station too!

    • Thank you! Yes my aunty actually works in a charity shop so if I cant find anywhere then she said I could do it there. So at least that’s not too bad. Yeah I know I can always go to Dublin it’s just annoying that I can’t find anything here. Everything seems to be happening in the city but yet it’s impossible to live there! I left here over 5 years ago because I couldn’t get a job so I feel I’m back to the same now not being able to even get work experience. Feels demoralising. Thanks so much for your advice!

      • I hear that Dublin rents are crazy these days (like London rents) but you are not in exactly the same position as 5 years ago because you have worked abroad and that will have given you all sorts of useful skills and experience. It’s always tough to get a job when you don’t currently have one. Stick at it. My mother has a theory that it takes a certain number of applications to get an interview (I can’t remember 30 maybe?) and a certain number of interviews to get a job (15 or so). If you do it often you get a lot better at it (they ask the same sorts of questions) and care a lot less about getting the job so come across better. Get other people to look at your aplication letters/CV to check them and make suggestions. Make sure that they tick all the boxes in the job descriptions. You have just got to resign yourself to gettting a job is a job in itself but if you slog away at it you will get there. Once you get your foot in the door, you will be flying!

      • Yeah I know I think even if you don’t get the job you at least practise doing interviews. Its difficult to get your foot in the door. That’s the problem! I’ll continue with the course I’m doing and then after that I will concentrate on jobs and hopefully finding something that I like! I know it’s different from 5 years ago but with regards to jobs I still feel I don’t have the qualifications or skills for what I would like to do. I’ve plenty of teaching experience but I don’t have a teaching degree so I can’t teach here which is annoying!

      • I hear its really competitive to get onto teaching courses in Ireland, I worked as a teacher in Wales, and we sometimes had Irish students doing teacher training. They were always excellent students. Teaching’s a tough gig, mind you.

      • Yeah I know it’s quite difficult. Or they do their training and then they go abroad to Abu Dhabi or somewhere like that! I’d like to teach but I’m not sure if I could commit 4 years of study again! Plus I would have to pay international fees because I was out of Ireland for a few years so that also puts me off!

      • It bet they are high! Yes, that’s understandable. I could face living in a place like Abu Dhabi. I met a girl who taught in Egypt who said she loved it, but her description of life there alarmed me. She had to take a booked taxi from her home to school because it wasn’t safe to be on the streets. People earn a lot of money in these places but they live their lives in compounds, very limited by what they can do.

  2. Hey, try a bar or a kitchen restaurant they are always short staffed, I have two jobs at the moment, both in the food and drink business and both of them are down on staff right now because everybody is back to college and doesn’t want to work or doesn’t come back home at weekends to work x

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