Japanese Food In My Hometown

If I ever moved to Japan, I know I would definitely struggle with the food! As they love everything got to do with fish flavour, I honestly wouldn’t really know what I could eat if I ever went there!

So anyway, in my hometown a new Japanese restaurant has opened up. Apparently it has rave reviews, and being the only Japanese restaurant (that I know of) in the area, I wanted to try it out and see what it offered!

Of course they had sushi, but they had other dishes like ramen and teriyaki, so I thought one of those may do me! I met my long time friend and we headed there for lunch, and I must say the chicken teriyaki was lovely!

Haha I did notice that throughout our meal I did hear 1 or 2 Chinese songs being played in it! The opposite would absolutely NEVER happen in a Chinese restaurant in China!

They gave us chopsticks and although I’m now good at using the Chinese style ones, the Japanese chopsticks are a little more difficult!

The Japanese style ones are shorter and taper to a fine point , so it’s harder to pick up the food, whereas Chinese ones are thicker and they have a blunt tip. They are also longer. The Korean chopsticks are the same as the Japanese, but I think (but not sure) they usually use chopsticks that are made of silver… so obviously even harder to use!


So I was a little slower than usual eating my food! But it was delicious and I would definitely come back again!


While we were there, two Japanese girls came in to eat and then a single man came in, most likely on his work break. So it really does cater for the every kind of person. In my hometown, most Chinese restaurants cater only for takeaways or as a posh restaurant, but I feel this Japanese place can be for people wanting a casual lunch or even dining out with friends.

I think another reason why this place is successful is because it’s the only Japanese restaurant around; we have plenty of Chinese/ Indian places, but I must say my small town is lacking in places to try more international food. I suppose the older generation are just used to eating the same stuff over and over again, so trying new food might be a bit daunting for them!

This definitely applies to my Dad… he doesn’t even like spaghetti!

But I hope the next time I come back there will be many more restaurants offering more ‘exotic’ dishes!

But anyway, it was a nice experience trying out some Japanese food…. my first time trying sushi ( and forever hating it) was a different story!



Fed up with Sichuan food

These past few weeks both myself and my boyfriend have slowly been loosing our interest in Sichuan food. I’m not sure how it kind of started… just lately, when I think of spicy food I automatically think ‘Aw no, not today.’

Since coming to Chengdu, I’ve loved the food here; the spiciness and numbness, it’s very different from Irish food… haha the only time we would eat something spicy is if my Mum accidentally bought the wrong curry sauce! So I’ve grown up eating food which is nothing remotely like Sichuan food.

I’m guessing maybe my lack of interest is due to the weather warming up… when the temperature is in the late 20’s; the last thing you want is something like Hot Pot, which can be very spicy and hot.

Recently we’ve been moving away from the spicy dishes, and eating food which originate from other provinces. We have also ended up going to a Western restaurant more often called ‘Peter’s Tex-Mex’. A Texas/Mexican restaurant where they serve fajitas, burgers, salads… so not a hint of Chinese food! Of course this is way more expensive that Asian restaurants, but sometimes you just need a change.

So last week when we finished Uni for the day, we cycled to a Peters nearby. It was such a good/sunny day we decided a bike ride would be nice. The restaurant has ok food, not amazing… but my boyfriend has fallen in love with their salads. It’s not spicy…it’s not hot… so it’s a welcome change!

I do hope that this pickiness will change though… but I do miss my Irish food (as always),  and especially garlic chips with cheese that we used to get from our local take-away chip shop. If only Chengdu would do a take-away chip shop… the locals wouldn’t really know what to make of it, but I’m sure us Westerners would love it! Although I do know they would charge us a fortune just for a bag of chips…..

Unfortunately you have to pay the price for the comfort of home sometimes.