An actual ‘nice’ experience at the hairdressers

In China, there are billions of hairdresser shops here. Every street you walk down, you will most likely see one. Chinese girls like getting their hair done; from cuts to putting a blonde colour in their hair, it’s a big business here. I personally dislike the blonde colour on Chinese people; it looks unnatural and after a week you can already see their jet-black hair coming through. I used to dye my hair blonde, but it was becoming cumbersome having to keep popping to the hairdressers to get it redone.

If you have read my blog, you would know that I HATE getting my hair done here. It really is an ordeal. Wanting a nice brown colour, it ends up blue…. and being in the hairdressers for 3 hours. It is just so stressful.

My Russian friend told me she got hers done too… and it turned out blonde… she actually wanted a rich brown colour. So she spent 4 hours in total having to redo it.

So I’ve decided not to get my hair coloured anymore. At least in China anyway. They most likely won’t get the colour right and they will charge you an enormous price, obviously because you are foreign and you have loads of money. That’s what they think anyway. Foreigner = Money.

I haven’t gotten my hair done since Ireland, so after after 8 months I really needed to get something done with it. There is a hair dressers shop 3 min walk away from our place which I decided to try. The place isn’t very fancy looking, plus my boyfriend goes there to get his cut, so I decided to have a go. My private Chinese teacher told me what to say and in I went.

I have to say, it was a great experience! The lady washed my hair whilst giving me a lovely head massage. That’s what I like in China, most hair dressers will give you a head massage. So that part was fine.

I hopped onto the chair where she started drying my hair. This got me a little worried. Why is drying my hair? Does she think I just want a wash? Did I tell her correctly that I wanted a cut??

But then, thankfully I saw her grab a pair of scissors.

I’ve had it in my head for a while that I wanted shorter hair than now. My hair is fine so when it gets long it just sort of hangs there. Plus I think shorter hair suits my face better.

She asked me how short I would like it. Unfortunately in Chinese I said ‘I like your hair’, but instead I should have said ‘I like your hairstyle’. Oh well I know for next time.

Another man then came over and started cutting. And before I knew it I was done! I was really happy with it.

But then came next thing; paying.

I thought… ok I’ll bring loads of money just in case.. maybe 100元,150元? But surprisingly it came to 20元!!! In euro, that is less than 3euro! I was delighted with this; they didn’t actually rip me off!

I will definitely be going back to them. Plus it took less than an hour.

So, an actually nice experience this time for once!