Egg Coffee in Hanoi

Egg Coffee in Hanoi

While researching about Vietnam, I cam across a thing called Egg Coffee. I thought it sounded disgusting…. egg with coffee??? How can that work at all? But I was mad to try it and see what it was like. (I love trying different drinks)


While we were in Hanoi, we found the place where this drink originated from, and we went on in and luckily found a table! It’s a very popular place! It was invented by a man in the 1940’s because at that time milk was scarce, so he decided to mix egg instead. And voila!

We see the menu and I gingerly order the hot egg coffee. My fiancé ordered a lemonade. So we wait until it arrives, and it comes in a little bowl with hot water and a small spoon. I realised I didn’t know how to drink it!? I was looking around at the other tables to see how the others were doing it, but of course they were all finished theirs. So I decided just to use the spoon and sort of eat the top.

I tried the eggy meringue thing, thinking it was going to taste like egg and be horrible, but in fact it was delicious! It didn’t taste like egg whatsoever. More like vanilla. My got my fiancé to try it and he loved it too. So I was really delighted that it was nice. I read online that one girl tried it and she thought it tasted like egg, but I’m guessing maybe she went to a bad place or something, because mine was delicious.


Of course then I was mad to try the iced egg coffee, so we called the waiter over and asked for one. He said ok but then to me he said “Mix!”

Mix? Oh! I was supposed to mix the top with the coffee at the bottom. So I did that and then it tasted a little more like coffee. My fiancé doesn’t like coffee at all, but he said he could carry on eating the top. Then our iced one came. This one is more of a dessert/ ice cream, and that was also delicious.


On the menu there were no prices, so we were pretty sure we were going to be ripped off because we were foreigners. We asked the price and they were 25,000 dong each. From what I read online, this is the standard price. So I’m glad we weren’t ripped off. The lemonade cost 40,000! So definitely order the egg coffee instead!

If you can only order one, I would suggest the hot one. I think the flavour is a little bit more intense than the iced one.

The place is a little tricky to find as it’s behind the main shops down a small hallway, but keep looking!


So it really made my day trying that. I was really surprised by how nice it was. So if you are in Hanoi, definitely check it out. If you don’t like it, well you at least tried it!


Vietnam: Hanoi (Part 2)

We heard in Hanoi that there was a show called the Water Puppet Show that was supposed to be good, so we decided to find out where it was showing. We found a place opposite Hoan Kiem lake. And it was really worth it!

There are certain times that it’s on, so we decided to buy tickets for the 4:10 one. We went for a walk and a beer until the time came to go. We entered and we had tickets with the seat numbers. However then a lady working there said we couldn’t sit there (I don’t really understand why, maybe they doubled booked those seats) so we ended up right at the front row. So in the end we got perfect seats!

And you definitely cannot go to Hanoi and miss Hanoi Train Street. The train tracks run though the city, and you can wait for the train to pass you by. We were walking about and we just stumbled upon it! We then found out that the train would be coming in 10-15 minutes, so it was perfect timing! It was so exciting seeing the train coming ahead, and you really need to squish yourself to the wall, it’s very close!!

I really enjoyed it! I saw this on TV years ago but I never thought I’d experience it myself!

What else is great about Hanoi is just the different types of buildings that you see. Most people stay around the Old Quarter as it’s the main tourist area. I love the buildings and there’s so much culture about! It’s crazy busy, but I found the area really interesting!

Where we stayed:

The Daisy House Hanoi

Good: The bedroom was nice and the location was great. It was only about 1 minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake. There are food places nearby and things to do.

Bad: The owner spoke very little English, so sometimes it was hard to communicate to her. Also there’s no lobby area, as the lady owns a salon downstairs and rents rooms upstairs. The place is also a little difficult to find, we walked past it without realising.

Would I recommend? Yes

Nam Phuong Home

Good: The location was very good. Literally in the heart of Old Quarter. Very easy to get about! Also the shower pressure was unbelievable; it’ll definitely get the dirt out of your hair! We stayed in the Daisy Room (Economy Double Room)

Bad: It’s ‘Economy Double Room’ for a reason! The room itself is too small. If you are 5 feet 8 or over you’re going to be hitting your head off the ceiling. One wall wasn’t a wall at all, merely a plastic partition with a plastic door. So we really felt we weren’t safe at all. Plus the window in the bathroom faces windows the opposite way, so I constantly felt they could see me showering. As you can see, the stairs from outside are literally outside the partition, so we didn’t exactly enjoy it when people were walking upstairs to their own rooms.  Finally, to allow the others to carefully walk up to their rooms upstairs, a light was placed outside, so of course it was never dark. That picture below was how dark the room was at night.


The ‘wall’ in question

Plus, it didn’t help when he brought us to the wrong room when we arrived…. entering a spacious two floor bedroom, with a seating area and everything! Upon realising his error, we were rather deflated to be brought to this room.

Would I recommend? Definitely not. The other rooms are much better, but the one we stayed in wasn’t very good. The room itself is clean and a nice looking room, it’s just there are too many problems with it. I’ve stayed in a few hostels, but this is the only one where I really didn’t want to come back to at the end of the day.

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Vietnam: Hanoi (Part 1)

I always thought that Chengdu was a busy city, with a population of 14 million, that’s quite a lot of people! But when I arrived in Hanoi, I realised that Hanoi is absolutely crazy! Motorbikes everywhere, people everywhere, cars everywhere…. noise everywhere! It was just crazy. I knew it was a bustling city, but both of us were not prepared for how busy Hanoi was. We were a bit overwhelmed at first, but then we sort of settled in and got to used to the madness of it all. I definitely couldn’t live there, but It was great to visit the city. So here are a few places in which we visited while there.

So because we arrived in the evening, we got to the city and it was dark. We arrived at our hostel and then took a stroll around the area. We found out we were situated very close to the famous Hoàn Kiếm Lake, and we took a walk around it at night.

The atmosphere was great because there were lots of people about, kids were playing games on the street, and it was just a really nice place to be. We really enjoyed walking around the lake and seeing what people were doing…. painting, skipping, dancing.

On our first day exploring, we visited Hỏa Lò Prison where John McCain was imprisoned. Unfortunately most of the prison was demolished, so only a little bit of it remains. But it’s very interesting and it’s worth a visit!

We also visited Quan Su Temple, a small temple in the heart of Hanoi. It’s quaint and very pretty!

Not knowing where we were going, we ended up at the Temple of Literature. It was quite busy but it was nice none the less!

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Vietnam: Our 10 day Itinerary

So I was a bit quiet on my blog for a few days, as we went to visit Northern Vietnam for over a week. It was fantastic, and it made me realise how Chengdu lacks a lot of visible culture. In North Vietnam, there is culture everywhere!



Hanoi; 2 nights

Halong Bay: 3 night cruise

Tam Coc 3 nights

Hanoi: 2 nights

Below is a visualisation of our trip. From Hanoi to Halong Bay took around 4 hours. From Halong Bay to Tam Coc (close to the town of Ninh Binh) took around 5 hours. Then from Tam Coc back to Hanoi took about 2 hours. It’s much shorter because it’s motorway all the way. We took buses to go to each place.


It’s very easy to organise a bus to go to each of these places. Because we were going on a cruise in Halong Bay, the company organised a private van to pick us up at our hostel in Hanoi, but I’m 100% sure you can organise how to go by bus.

Then from Halong Bay, an employee from the cruise boat organised for us to get a bus to Tam Coc. We were supposed to leave at 1pm, but then the bus had to go and pick up other people, so definitely take this into account when using these. They won’t leave on time!

Then from Tam Coc, our lovely hostel ordered a bus for us to Hanoi again. So don’t worry about transportation. People at your hotel/ hostel will help you organise it for you!

Because we only had over a week, we decided just to stay in Northern Vietnam. I also like the fact that our trip didn’t consist of a whole day of travelling and what not. These places are quite close together, so if you don’t have a lot of time, I would suggest you to visit these places.

Even the journey to them had incredible scenery! So you won’t be bored when travelling!