My Ankle Recovery

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It will be a week tomorrow since I hurt my ankle, and I’ve improved a little. I can now move it a little more and put more pressure on it, and I can (slowly) walk up stairs with my crutches.

For the past two days however I feel my foot has become a little more sore; maybe I overdone it with the walking or something, but I do feel my foot is more painful these past two days. I was walking around the house with my crutches and trying to put weight on my foot, but I think I may have overdone it!

Lately I’ve also been having troubling falling asleep as it’s uncomfortable.

The doctor told me that it would take around 14 to 21 days to fully recover, and I do believe that is true! I felt great a few days ago: walking around and using the crutches for balance, I thought “Oh this is fantastic I’ll be walking soon!”

But no, now I don’t think I’ll be walking soon! The doctor said my injury was between a Grade 1 and a Grade 2, and after looking online, I think he’s right. A Grade 1 injury means that you can walk on your ankle, it might be a little swollen, but you can walk on it.

A Grade 2 means that it’s difficult to put weight on it and it’s all bruised and loads of swelling. It’s also harder to move it around. So I do think mines in the middle! It’s a little bruised and it was quite a bit swollen.

I suppose I’m afraid that if I don’t do enough strengthening and walking then it will take longer to heal, but then I don’t want to overdo it either! I don’t really know if what I’m doing is right. I may have started walking too soon it, I don’t know… but the doctor did say that I should try and start walking on it as soon as I can. So that’s what I did.

I will keep doing the alphabet with my ankle, put ice on it, and just try and move it so that it doesn’t get stiff.

Hopefully tomorrow it will feel a little better!



My Unexpected Hospital Visit

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I’ve never had to go to the hospital unexpectedly. The last time I was in hospital was when I had surgery for my jaw about 10 years ago, but yesterday changed that!

So the story:

I was bringing a bag with banana peels and orange peels to put them out in the compost, and I walked down the 3 steps from the mobile home and all of a sudden I was lying on the ground clutching my leg in pain! The bag of peels lying beside me.

My Dad saw of all this unfold and he called over to me “ARE YOU ALRIGHT AISLING?” Now I was in loads of pain and I just cried out and over he comes running. Then my husband runs out and they are all there crowded around me.

I started to feel dizzy so I lay down while they took off my shoe and sock and my right ankle was so swollen. Mam ran and got ice to put on it. I was convinced I broke it because it was so sore.

So after a few minutes my Dad and husband carried me to a chair and I sat down and I knew that I had to go to the hospital. My Mam asked me “Do you want some tea?”  (so Irish) and of course me loving tea I just had to have a cup, even if my ankle could be broke!

After that they moved me to the porch inside and rang my brother in law. He used to play football so he knows all about ankle injuries! It was also decided that I should go to hospital as the swelling just wasn’t going down. As my Mum and Dad are cocooning, and because my husband can’t drive in Ireland, my brother in law brought me to the hospital.

We reached it anyway and my husband got a wheelchair. It was actually very quiet in the Minor Injuries Unit, probably because no one wants to go near a hospital with this Coronavirus!

I was more afraid of the doctor prodding me and poking me and moving my ankle all over the place which scared me the most! You always see on the TV how people are all in pain when the doctor is looking at them, so that was what I was the most nervous about!

We waited about an hour because we arrived just as they were having lunch! There was an elderly woman waiting as well with a cast on her arm, but that was it!

So when the doctor looked at my ankle it wasn’t too sore. It was only sore in one spot where he touched. He said “Ok you have (Fancy Word Here) , and this is part of your (Another Fancy Word), and you have hurt this ligament here”.

And half the time I was just thinking

“Oh god my legs are so hairy I haven’t shaved in ages”.

“Oh Jesus my toenails are a tad too long, what is he going to think??!”

When I was in the porch before we left I told my husband to get nail clippers but when he actually started to go near them I said “NO NO leave it!” I didn’t want him going near by sore foot after all, so I was resigned to the fact of having hairy legs and long toenails for the doctor. (With this coronavirus and staying inside, all that maintenance has gone out the window!)

I always used to think “oh if I had to go to the hospital I would definitely make sure my legs are shaved”. But I was in pain and really that was the last thing I wanted to do!

So anyway, the doctor gave me crutches to use and sent me for an X-ray. I never needed to use crutches before so I was so awkward trying to make my way down the very long corridor to the X-Ray room.

After that I went back to the doctor and he said everything was ok on it and he explained to me how to look after my injured ligament. He said there were 3 stages and mine was between a 1 and 2. 3 means that the ligament was torn completely, which would take much much longer to heal.

He said it would take a few weeks to heal completely as ligaments take quite a while. He then gave me a leaflet of exercises to do to strengthen it, like making the Alphabet with my foot.

When we were leaving I saw another person in the waiting room with an injury to his left foot! So I’m thinking he may have done the same thing as I did!

When I got home I searched ankle injuries and I found out that it’s actually a very common injury!

Before we left I wasn’t sure if I had to pay anything, because nobody came up to me or said anything. Plus I wasn’t sure if I had to bring the crutches back.

I asked the receptionist and she said because I have a medical card I don’t have to pay, and the hospital doesn’t take back crutches! (I didn’t know any of this because luckily I’ve never had to go to hospital before) So it was free and I got free crutches out of it! Mind you my hands are bruised from using them as they are so uncomfortable! That’s something I didn’t think would happen. But I suppose it makes sense because you are putting all your weight on your hands when using them.

I gave my Dad the job to put something on the handles to make them softer which has helped my hands a lot!

Thankfully my foot isn’t too sore if I just don’t move it or put weight on it, but it’s still quite swollen. When it first happened and I was lying on the ground I was annoyed and thinking “Of course it had to happen to me” but sure it could have been worse.

I got a neck injury about 4 weeks ago so when I was on the ground I was thinking “First the neck injury and now this!” I’ll write a post about that other injury soon!

But anyway, at least I don’t have to go anywhere and I’m still stuck inside because of this pandemic, so my life hasn’t really been affected, however I cant go out shopping for my Mam and Dad now though!

I also have exams starting on Friday so thankfully it was my foot that got injured rather than my hand! (We’re doing exams online so that will be a weird experience)

So hopefully this will start healing up and I won’t be hobbling on crutches for too long.