A sisterly surprise.

For the past month, myself and Rafa’s sister have been secretly communicating with each other in order for her to come to Ireland to surprise Rafa. Since arriving home, my nerves have been nearly gone with worry that he would find out! Constantly looking over my shoulder, my phone was nearly always with me and I tried to make sure my facebook page was closed so I wouldn’t get any notifications. 

The day she arrived I made the excuse of having to pick up his ‘present’ from town. Thankfully he didn’t suspect a thing and he arrived downstairs greeted by his sister sitting on the sofa. I also got the whole thing on video to capture the moment!

For the few days that she was here, we went to a local pub… and it was mad busy! Becoming used to the quiet bars of Chengdu, this one was crazy; plenty of drunk people and blaring music, I was nearly ready to walk out of the place. Thankfully though we found a corner to stand at and we then began to enjoy ourselves.

We also went to see the new Star Wars, which I might add was very good! We also visited a small village called ‘Carlingford’ a picturesque seaside area that is popular with tourists during the summer. Although when we arrived theres wasn’t a soul there and it was quite cold, so we went to a small cafe and enjoyed a tasty scone and hot chocolate.

Our last night comprised of the family going for a lovely meal and visiting Santa. I bought Nathan a traditional Chinese outfit so he wore that. He looked so cute! We plan to put it on him for Christmas Day and get some nice pictures of him.

After 4 days she left to go back to France, but we’ll be seeing her quite soon. Next August she is visiting us, along with her boyfriend in Chengdu! I’m sure that will fly by!