I’ve finally started my vaccinations. And unlike the photo, I was NOT smiling. I will be broke after my 4 injections, so I keep saying to myself ‘I’d rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them’. I’m getting Rabies and just a booster of Hep A ( need a booster after a year for Hep A).

Next objective; sort this stupid laptop out. Everything you could think of, this laptop does; crashes, dies, freezes, suddenly updates for hours, and is always struggling with lack of air circulation due to the fan.
Shit will hit the fan (excuse the pun) if it decides to break when I’m away.

Facekini…..A New Trend?

Facekini.....A New Trend?

I have to admit this is a bit weird. I’m sure they are perfectly normal, nice people underneath them… but I still don’t want to stumble across them in a dark alleyway.

It does however bring confidence to my pasty skin colour… I might actually be PROUD, yes proud of my (never gets any sunlight) skin. In China anyway. Ireland; most people prefer the Tangoed look. Oh Ireland…