Is it….Christmas Eve?

Apparently at home its Christmas Eve… but where I am, its just a regular working day. Only difference is some of my students gave me apples. This is apparently what they do during Christmas, give out apples as gifts. I have read extensively about China before coming, but this new to me! But I did get a present from one of my students from English corner, so I actually have something to open tomorrow morning! Although I wont be surprised if its another apple.

And I have FINALLY realised why I am so cold all the time. Like I mean Ireland is freezing in the winter, so I should be well used to the weather here… I just feel cold ALL THE TIME. I only figured out that there is no central heating in any of the buildings. No radiator in sight. I have no idea how I didn’t cop this on a while ago… I get so used to having the air conditioner on hot in the bedroom, then I walk out into the FREEZING sitting area. I realise now that I miss radiators! Summer please hurry up!

Although it doesn’t feel like Christmas in China, from Facebook status’s and pictures I know it has definitely arrived, so I want to wish whatever followers I have…HAPPY CHRISTMAS! For the expats, I no doubt know your missing Christmas morning and Christmas dinner like myself.


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