My Medical Examination Experience

International Travel Health Centre

International Travel Health Centre

So finally, things are under way to get me to Hong Kong to get my work visa. Because I was so busy, I forgot I actually needed to go, until another teacher told me he was going to get his Medical Examination. That got me wondering about my visa, and WHEN exactly my current one expires. Getting worried, I looked at my visa and suddenly I realised; it expires on the 11th of May. So I got in contact with the company and both my-self and another teacher from my campus got our medical done yesterday.

From what I expected, It turned out completely different. The ‘Clinic’ was not a modern, clean, dis-infected relaxing area. No, it was a building with people queuing for this and that, the bathroom’s were grubby, there was NO, I repeat no soap to wash your hands, and it was generally just not what I expected.

I had to get like 8 tests, from a urine sample, eye test, ultrasound (I thought only pregnant ladies got these), x-ray, heart check, weight measurement, blood pressure and blood sample. Another bizarre one was a man sticking a rod up my nose and checking my ears. Done in 5 seconds, it still counted as a test.

First we had to give a urine sample. Beside the bathrooms were about 100 small cups in a big container, so you can pick your own. A self-service job. Then it was the dreaded blood test. It was just like a counter. There were 3 slots and you had to sit down in 1 of them, the lady in front would strap your upper arm, and would literally puncture your arm. Oh no, there was no small private room where the nurse would make you relaxed. It was literally in a hallway and everyone can see you getting it done. Once your done, bam, away you go and the person behind you is next.

I said it’s like a conveyor belt. Once one test is done, away you go looking for the next room. The nurses don’t talk to you, they do there business and usher you out of the room, where a line of other people would be waiting.
But, it was efficient. There was no dawdling around waiting for 20 minutes for each exam. It was in and out. When we were finished, we were each even given a carton of….. milk. Maybe it’s an award. “Well done Aisling for doing ALL those terrible tests we cruelly made you do, here’s some milk, you deserve it.”

The results should come back in a few days, so hopefully everything will be all clear. Our Chinese helper said 2 people had to go home because there was something wrong with their test results.

Oh and in my last post I mentioned we had our team building workshop. We went for Hot Pot and then to KTV. Because it was my birthday in April, they were celebrating everyone’s birthday which occurred in this month. Anyway, because two of the teachers weren’t there (and their birthday is in April) it was just me that night.

The Chinese staff bought a big cake for us April people, and because it was only me there…. The whole cake was for me! I was completely and utterly shocked! Everyone gathered around, lit the candles, and sang happy birthday to me. I had to blow the candles and they all clapped. It will be something I won’t forget. Just because I had no idea that that would happen, now I know what it must feel like for people on surprise birthday parties.

So because I was the Birthday girl (although my birthday was at the beginning of April) I cut the cake for everyone.

And I’m beginning to look forward to Hong Kong now. A fellow teacher is coming with me for his visa so at least I’ll have someone with me. I can see more of China and it’s a little break from teaching.


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