My Impression of Hong Kong

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back from Hong Kong. Here is a list of things that I liked and some of which I didn’t like about Hong Kong.


People speak English: It was so refreshing to walk into a restaurant and have the waiter come over and speak to us in English. It made everything so much easier. Also, most billboards/shop signs/directions are in big bold English letters which makes life easier.

Food: The food was more varied than in Chengdu. We even went to an Irish bar and got really nice food. There were Indians/ Thai/ Vietnamese restaurants all over Hong Kong, so it was nice to try some different food and not having to stick with spicy food all the time.

People: Unlike Chengdu, Hong Kong people don’t conform to the typical ‘dress-code’ like Chengdu people do. They wear their own things. It was nice to see girls with short hair, men with long hair, girls not wearing skirts up to their bum. In Chengdu, the girls MUST wear really short skirts. They must not have their hair cut really short. Men shouldn’t wear long hair. Hong Kong people are more individual, and they want to look different, whereas Chinese people (in my opinion) feel they need to conform to a typical ‘look’ or else they will be deemed different to other people. God forbid you would want to be different.

I nearly got caught up in wanting to look like the Chinese girls, with their lovely dresses and their shoes and their pretty bags. After my trip however, I’ve now shaken that away. Why would I want to look like millions of other Chinese girls? I’d rather be comfortable than stylish, so I’m sticking with that motto.

Driving: The driving is literally like back home. There were hardly any e-bikes to be seen. I saw double decker busses, and there was no beeping whatsoever. In China, they love to beep. Traffic in Hong Kong is much more organised and safer.

Westernised: In general, the whole of Hong Kong is much more Westernised than mainland China. It felt as if you were in a western country instead of being in Asia.

Safe: I’m not sure if Hong Kong is an actual safe place, but I felt safe. I thought it would be the opposite, because of the sheer amount of people that live there. Although I do feel very safe in China too.

Didn’t like:

Crowded: People were walking everywhere and anywhere. There were no quiet areas to relax.

Too many foreigners: I think that was one of the worst things about Hong Kong. It is full of foreigners. I couldn’t believe how many there were. From coming from a place where every day I get stared at, to arriving to a place and the people don’t bat an eyelid at you is a little off putting.

Expensive: From transport to food, there is a big difference in the price of things. China is known as being cheap, so coming to Hong Kong made me realise how lucky I am to live in China and being able to buy things inexpensively.

Claustrophobic: Because the buildings are so tall, you feel very cramped, and when you add the cars and people, that makes it worse. My friend said its very claustrophobic which I agree.

I was only in Hong Kong for around 3 days so I didn’t get to see many places. But in my opinion, I would like to visit it again because it’s a nice city, but I just wouldn’t like to live there.

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