Wage in China.

When working in China, usually foreign people will work full time, so meaning 20+ hours per week. Part timers, who usually study too, work around 10-15 hours per week. At the moment I’m working about 10. I’ve been doing some calculations, and surprisingly, I’m earning more in 10 hours in China, than if I work 20 hours in Ireland.

Say for example, in China; 1 one hour class you might earn 100yuan. (and this is a low payment). In Ireland, the minimum wage is 8.65euro. At todays exchange rate, 100yuan = 14.51euro. There’s a big difference between 8.65 and 14.51!

I know when you add it up the wage at home will be higher, but 100 yuan is a very slow wage, so expect that to be much higher.

So basically, I’m working 10 hours less than home, but my hourly wage is much higher. Pretty good deal, especially in China, where everything is much cheaper too.

So if you’re wondering if you will make some money in China, you will. Add to the fact that for private students you can charge sometimes 300+ yuan per class. 43.55euro for one class isn’t too shabby! 

Living in China isn’t all that bad!



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