My excitement of Uni and my uncertainty of eating rabbit.

For once in my life, I’m actually excited to get up in the morning, because……. University is starting! This excitement will not be present in the morning however, as the earliest time I have had to wake up at is 8:30am for work. Tomorrow it’s a sad 7:20am wake up time.  I may start getting used to these early mornings again!

But, I am actually happy to go back. Get started on our level 2 book! And we will get to see our new classmates. Where will they be from I wonder. Maybe someone Irish will make an appearance. I know some people from level 1 will be there, so some old faces will be seen.

I did plan to have all my characters from the level 1 book learnt, but unfortunately that did not happen, I may (or may not) look at them again in the future, but I’m pretty confident I know most of the stuff from the old book. (Apart from directions, which I’m bad enough in English with).

I’ve also been keeping up with my Memrize account, where I learn the characters and their meaning. At the moment I have finished the HSK level 1 characters, so my hope is to have completed the HSK level 2 characters by the end of the semester, thus gradually building up to the HSK 4. The HSK is an exam for foreigners who are studying Chinese. Personally I would be chuffed to be at the HSK level 4; this means you can confidently talk to Chinese people about a whole range of topics. There are 6 levels altogether, so I hope slowly I’ll be able to reach that… in a couple of years time I might add.

So before our early morning, myself, Rafa and three other friends went for some rabbit. I was dubious of eating rabbit; I know it doesn’t taste like the regular stuff I’m used to. But I was pleasantly surprised of how nice it tasted! It tasted more like duck, and it wasn’t fatty or greasy. Our (used to be) fellow classmate brought us; Thanks Kirsten! We can now add this place to our very slowly growing list of restaurants to eat at.

My fellow blogger Kirsten and her time in Chengdu:



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