And Suddenly It’s May

Without a doubt, time is flying by. It is May already! Only 8 more weeks of semester 3 and then I’m finished again for the holidays. I’m beginning to dislike holiday time; many students cancel during this time, meaning no wage coming in. Also, no more Mon-Thur of Chinese lesson. I suppose I kind of like having a routine; so when summer comes you need to sort of set up a new routine!  In my opinion, holiday time is sometimes quite boring. Especially if you don’t have plans to travel.

Thankfully we seem to be busy during the summer… I just have to try and save as much money as possible now. And also try and cram as much Mandarin in as possible before I forget it all during Summer.

During our holiday breaks, I always miss studying; it’s the main reason I’m here. So when I’m not at Uni, I feel like I’m wasting my days away. For me, a classroom setting is how I learn. I know other people who are more suited to studying by myself, but I myself need classroom based learning.

We’ve been slowly moving up the levels in our Uni, but next semester I think we will move up to Level 5, instead of going to Level 4. In our Uni there are 10 levels, so I feel we are moving way to slowly. Unfortunately our school only does 1 book per semester, whereas I know other schools that teach 2 books per semester. Although I am sure If I had to study 2, I think It would be much more difficult to grasp the vocab/grammar. So although we only study 1, at least we know that we should understand the learning content.

Having been in 3 levels in the Uni, I think my favourite class was Level 2. In level 1, everything was new to me, making new friends, studying at the Uni… actually beginning to learn Chinese. Although I did meet friends that we still meet up with and hang out so!

In Level 2, we were kind of like a family; everyone joked with each other, it wasn’t such a big class, and we generally got on with one another really well.We all wanted everyone to do well in the class! We all clapped after someone had to talk for a bit in Chinese; an actually sincere clap to say ‘Well Done!’

In Level 3, I hate to say it, but there are a lot of ‘dry’ people in our class. There are not as many jokes as before, it’s more serious, and I get the feeling that people are competing more with one another. Plus, the class is way too big so that doesn’t help. Our teacher tried to split us into two groups, but unfortunately no one wanted to have class after lunch, so that went out the window. So in this class, after someone has said something and we clap, it’s kind of like ‘We don’t really care what you said, we have to clap.’

But oh well, I still enjoy the class and I’m learning a lot!




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