Our Food Dilemma.

There is one thing that is the bane of both mine and Rafas life. Where to get food. Every day, twice a day is when we must ponder, and decide where to go for something to eat. Everyday is ‘What do you want for dinner?’ or ‘Where will we go for food?’ I know they are coming, but I blot it from my mind until those questions come up, and then my answer is, as always, ’I dunno.’

Because our timetables before Uni were much more hectic; finishing class at different times during the evening and the such, plus me travelling over an hour to get home, meant that the handiest thing was to just go to a restaurant and get food. Oh and because our light was broken in our kitchen apartment meant that we had another excuse not to cook in the evening. Oh, and because of my lack of fondness at the idea of cooking.

But now, we are sort of managing a routine so far. With the Uni 5 minutes away from us, we have set a routine for lunch at least! But for dinner, we’re still pondering. Once we get into a proper routine, and when I find another job and know my working hours, we should be able to start cooking more food. One problem though is that our kitchen is very small. Because the microwave is on the counter, we literally only have 1 foot of space to cook from. So not very convenient. THEN, we have our huge oven, which has now taken up that 1 foot of space, so we have nowhere to cook unless from the dining table, where I must mention isn’t a dining table as such, it’s a wooden patio table with a handy hole in the middle so our umbrella fits in for those sunny days.

And somehow, I’ve ended up having to make my boyfriend a cake! And I have no idea how to do it! First, we don’t have any ingredients, second, we have no utensils to actually make one, and we also don’t have a proper working oven. One side of the oven doesn’t work, so if he wants me make a half baked cake then that will have to do.

I’ve promised him I would make him one in Ireland, but I don’t think he wants to wait that long. It’s more of a ‘well you told me you would make me one, so I expect you to make me one in China, and not in Ireland.’ But I think I have an option up my sleeve, so I’ll see how that pans out.

Other than that everything is going fine, I’m liking our new apartment more and more; its funny how your own stuff can make it more homely. Plus, we plan on getting a lovely sofa that would fit in nicely. Only thing is, the current one we have is a little cumbersome, as we don’t know where to put it. We could show the landlord our new one and maybe she could get rid of the old one and the buy our one when we leave. The old one is not particularly nice or comfy, adding to the paint marks on the sofa when they were painting the walls adds to this fact. But we will see what happens.

And Uni is also going well. This week we are going to start learning the characters. I have no idea how to write them so this will be totally new to me. It’s great when there is a reason for getting up and not just to go to work.

Oh and it’s Saint Patricks day today! We plan on going to an Irish pub/restaurant for a few hours, but we’ll be home by 12am (I hope) as we have Uni in the morning. But I don’t mind, I enjoy learning Chinese and I don’t want to miss out on anything important.

But I do have to find something to wear that’s green for tonight….


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