People people everywhere!


Everywhere you go in Chengdu, there are people. Everywhere. Because it was a nice day, we decided to cycle to a park. It being a Sunday, I knew that it would be busy.

But in my head, I’m still thinking from my point of view that I’m at home. Coming from a town with just over 35,000 people, to a city with around 14 million; you would think I’d have copped on by now that NOWHERE in my Chengdu will be quiet.

We arrive at the park… and sure enough its busy. People were walking here, there, sitting on any available bench. Because it was Sunday, families were out together. It was nice to see the Chinese families together, but if only it was a little more quiet!

You can’t go anywhere in Chengdu but people will be there. In my hometown, if you go somewhere during the day time, when a lot of people are working, you know it’s going to be quiet. Shopping during the day is a great time to go because you know everyone will be at work and the kids will be at school. Not in China though.

We visited IKEA a couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday at around 1:30pm. I thought ‘yeah it’ll be quiet seeing that its a Wednesday’ Wrong. As per usual, there were loads of people in it.

I know there are many many cities and countries like this, I grew up in a small town, so before I came to China I’ve never experienced living in such a big city, never mind such a big country like China!

I suppose I miss the tranquility of Ireland sometimes. Being able to walk somewhere and it is quiet and peaceful. Visiting a park and being able to actually sit on a bench without having to hunt one down, pouncing on it before some other Chinese person does.

China is a noisy country, and Chinese people are noisy I might add. If you’ve want to experience this, go to a Hot Pot restaurant.

I can’t wait to go home and enjoy the peace and quiet for a few weeks.


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